My favorite iOS resources & tools. You might like to also checkout this similarly awesome post by Ben Scheirman


I need some inspiration

My collection of technical books (please excuse the CSS from 1993). 


I have an iOS question.

Apple Developer Forums


Is it down ? 

Apple Developer System Status

Github System Status


Something's still not working.

Apple Bug Reporter

Open Radar



Tower - Version Control

Pixelmator - Minor adjustments to graphics

Kaleidoscope - Diff & merge of code 

CocoaPods - Resource dependencies in Xcode Projects

Pivotal Tracker - Still can't be beat for effective Agile. Their new UI & features are pretty rad.

Paw - Useful for testing APIs as you're using / designing / learning them. 

Charles - Recommended purchase. Invaluable for debugging networking issues.

iExplorer - Allows you to inspect the contents of an iOS device, which can be great for debugging.



App Figures & App Annie.


API Design for Mobile Clients

Best Practices for a Pragmatic RESTful API


Design & UI Resources

Ultimate Guide to iPhone Resolutions