Apple Swift Resources

The definitive guide to the language. A lot of material to consume here, but the best place to start. - Swiftris Tutorial

Build your own Tetris clone in Swift, complete with annoying Tetris noises. Fun! 



Resources created by, an excellent training program for experienced developers based in San Francisco.


Damn Vulnerable iOS App

Security resources for app developers


Natasha The Robot

Natasha writes great articles about Swift. 



Mattt is an excellent writer and presenter; anything he publishes is well worth consuming.



I'm a long-time fan, and recommend you buy a subscription. Episodes are short, great for those of us with brief attention spans.

Its founders also authored Functional Programming in Swift. Checkout Chris Eidhof talking about Functional Swift here


Ray Wenderlich

The classic choice for learning iOS-related APIs and languages. 


That Thing in Swift

How do existing patterns from Objective C translate to Swift ?


These are the best resources (aimed at professional developers) I've found whilst learning Swift. Have others that should be included on this list ? Tweet me @gemmakbarlow