Surviving your First Year as a Manager

February 2019 for The Lead Developer Meetup New York. PDF available here.

Auto-Layout Best Practices

April 2018, for RWDevCon. Videos and materials available as part of the RWDevCon 2018 Tutorial Vault, or on YouTube.

Practical Unit Testing II (Continuous Integration)

April 2017, for RWDevCon. Video and materials available here, as part of the RWDevCon 2017 Tutorial Vault.


iMessage apps for fun & profit

Sep 2016. PDF and Keynote available here


Making your app stand out - colors, typography and layout for beautiful iOS design

Jul 2015. PDF available here.


Productivity & Mobile Development

Feb 2015. PDF available here.


App Development 101

Dec 2014. PDF available here.


Is Swift Ready for the Enterprise ?



Top 10 iOS Conferences in 2016



Top 5 iOS & Swift Newsletters




Swift Generics: Getting Started

March 2017,


Magical Error Handling in Swift

July 2016,